Verse 1

It's time for you to quit for real, all your hopes have died!

You tried to coincide, but it's time for you to step aside.

You supported Negative Four, and that blew up in your face!

You're a disgrace to our race, plz pick up the pace!

You asked for your demotion, made yourself seem righteous,

it's priceless! You must think that the Wiki is mindless.

I'm not following you, you got evolution switched,

Nigga bitch, I got hitched, Joey, you've been dismissed!

Verse 2

I spit my rhymes fiery hot, but my disses are ice cold!

You can beat an amateur, but to step to me you're bold!

'The Mod List' has been rewritten, and I'm at the top.

Stop trying to change power, you're out of the job!

You got another Wiki waiting for you, I've got a network!

While you're editing pages on Enderman, I'm the Wikia expert.

I've begun to deconstruct all the shit you fucked up,

what I deduct, is that you cannot help, only corrupt!